Future Fishing Workshop — Envisioning, Designing & Telling Futures

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18 Nov 2022

December 6 + 13 + 20, 2022
+ 3 x 3h group sessions 
+ 1 x individual consulting 

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Imag­in­ing the future is cru­cial to nav­i­gate the present strate­gi­cal­ly, and being able to shape abstract visions into com­pelling images makes com­mu­ni­cat­ing them eas­i­er. Design Fic­tion address­es these two aspects by ques­tion­ing com­mon myths and par­a­digms, act­ing out new sit­u­a­tions, and reveal­ing desir­able and adverse effects of pos­si­ble changes. It cre­ates ideas for spec­u­la­tive arte­facts, sto­ries, or immer­sive expe­ri­ences that make visions of the future vivid, engag­ing, and easy to com­mu­ni­cate both inter­nal­ly and towards the gen­er­al public.

The Future Fish­ing Train­ing Pro­gram is designed for any­one inter­est­ed in alter­na­tive future visions. Through­out three ses­sions, you will intro­duced to some the­o­ry, and have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to try your hand at spec­u­la­tive mini-projects. The goal is to learn and under­stand the whys and hows of build­ing, rep­re­sent­ing, and telling futures through spec­u­la­tive design. To that end, you will be exposed to well-known futur­ing meth­ods and tools (weak sig­nal analy­sis, future wheels, back­cast­ing, per­sonas, etc) as well as some spe­cif­ic to the prac­tice of N O R M A L S. 

Know­ing how to cre­ate, design, and tell futures can be valu­able for:
- cre­at­ing a strate­gic vision for the long-term;
- decou­pling your vision from trend­ing top­ics;
- reveal­ing hid­den paths for social and tech­no­log­i­cal inno­va­tion;
- build­ing future visions to approach inno­va­tion crit­i­cal­ly;
- com­mu­ni­cat­ing your vision through engag­ing images;
- shap­ing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing alter­na­tive futures.

The meth­ods taught and tried dur­ing this class may help with:
- think­ing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing com­plex ideas in sim­ple visu­als;
- infer­ring com­plex impli­ca­tions from sim­ple phe­nom­e­na;
- imag­in­ing and con­fronting dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives;
- ideat­ing out­side of one’s com­fort zone.

Practical Info

The next session of the Future Fishing Training Program will take place online, during 3 * 3h sessions taking place once a week in December 2022. The program offers a combination of theoretical learning, individual work, and group work. In addition, each participant gets a personal consultancy session to discuss a project of their choice with one of the trainers.

December 6

14:00 to 17:00 CET

Envisioning Futures

December 13

14:00 to 17:00 CET

Designing Futures

December 20

14:00 to 17:00 CET

Telling Futures

January 2022


Personal consultancy

Participation Fees (Per Person)


920 Euros + VAT


600 Euros + VAT

There is a minimum sign-up of 6 participants for the training to take place, with a maximum of 18. In case of full attendance, further applicants will be added to the waiting list. No payment will be requested until their participation has been confirmed.

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