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Ssup 2019! Merry new year!
It’s been a while, last year kept us well busy with a fishload of new projects.
Long story shortish, we ran a couple of variations of our Future Fishing Training Program — exploring tomorrow’s jobs with students at Minerva School, the future of influencing at Paris College of Art, and the evolution of corporate foresight with policy-makers and companies at the Conjectural Futures conference. And, following up on last year’s CDRMX project, we sent our social economy expert Rajesh Laghari to present the Mexicoin project at the FinTech panel of re:publica. Now, everybody wants to play Cryptoball.
There were also two significantly bigger projects, perfect occasions to explore new work contexts and push the envelope a bit (DHL isn’t getting any better).


We collaborated with IASS Potsdam on a fictional panel talk for the Bits & Bäume conference, during which four fakexperts® discussed a supposedly ongoing Automated Environmental Governance Initiative powered by the rightfully named GAIAI, evoking in the process recent advances in sensory economy and deep space sensing, as well as a mysterious Environmental Enforcement Brigade. 
Check our page here

And back in October, we somehow had the brilliant idea of building (yes, in-house) 200 concrete blocks to be distributed in as many citizen kits for a collaborative game devised at the request of speculative conference The Sooner Now, this year subtitled ’Urban Utopias'. For them we prepared CCCC.City, a new fiction laying the ground for creative explorations of the urban space as a cultural artefact moderated by evolving social and technological paradigms, which welcomed about 200 players throughout the entire day, and culminated in the conference’s closing keynote featuring some brand new personas and a solemn reading of the fiction’s prequel. The organisers Freunde Von Freunden also wrote a lil something about our fantastical futures.

Now, looking forward: the months to come should see us spreading our thoughts on future romance on Valentine’s Day Eve (can we make that a thing?) at the next Speculative Futures event in Berlin. Maybe this will be the occasion to announce/show off our new project: a dating simulation game for mobile phones, which will take players on a soul-seeking journey through the N O R M A L S universe. Or maybe we’ll wait — let’s see.

For the rest, the future will tell - we have a few things on the line, and will keep you updated soon soon.

A B O U T  N O R M A L S
N O R M A L S is a collection of speculative works striving to always blend design and fiction within a single imaginary future.

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