Futures Made of Play

Playful experiences designed to let others build and test futures.
24 Jul 2018

Participative, playful experiences are powerful invitations to create and interact with futures. Even participants with little inclination towards speculative thinking can imagine and draft possible situations without prior knowledge or experience — the rules of the game take care of it. 

Through these expe­ri­ences, par­tic­i­pants draw con­nec­tions between dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions, nego­ti­ate deci­sions, and ask ques­tions.  They are free to imag­ine, invent, and pro­to­type futures — to role-play as they build, and to build as they role-play. 

Such gam­i­fied spec­u­la­tions let play­ers become mod­er­a­tors of their own expe­ri­ence. Com­pared to clas­sic work­shops, they can accom­mo­date much larg­er crowds (see CCCC.City) over much longer peri­ods. Scaled down, they can become part of a short work­shop. All in all, they help par­tic­i­pants project them­selves in their fic­tion through alter egos, become part of a future polit­i­cal dis­course, or build rich­er worlds by pitch­ing dif­fer­ent pro­jec­tions against each other.