Knock-knock. Who's there? The Future. The Future who? The Future we're going to create together.

Collaborating with others is always an opportunity to develop bespoke visions and to that end we have concocted multiple approaches.

Familiarize yourself with designed futures in a dedicated workshop format

Constructed imaginaries, cool costumes, and colorful future experiences.

This is our Fictionary

Experiential Futures

Expe­ri­ences devised to immerse in con­struct­ed futures

'Could Be Actual Science'

Fic­tion­al white papers, future sci­ence, not-yet-applic­a­ble the­o­ries… This is when fic­tion gets clos­er to science.

Futures Made of Play

Play­ful expe­ri­ences designed to let oth­ers build and test futures

Future Horizons

From now to then, or from plau­si­ble to utopi­an, dif­fer­ent time scales suit dif­fer­ent ways to imag­ine the future

Cards of the Normal Future

A set of cards designed around role-play and acci­dents in col­lec­tive futur­ing sessions

Agnostic Futurism

Prefer­able futures to some can become harsh real­i­ties to oth­ers. So we pur­sue nuance and invite criticism.

Worldbuilding & Mythbuilding

When imag­in­ing the man­u­fac­tured envi­ron­ment of a world, one has to imag­ine its inter­play with cul­ture and myths.