Map of the Normal future

An interactive map of the Culture, a future city that has expanded vertically.
16 Mar 2016
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The Map of the Nor­mal Future offers an alter­na­tive trip through N O R M A L S ‘ projects cen­tered around the pub­li­ca­tion of N 1 2 3. It rep­re­sents the Cul­ture, a future city which has expand­ed ver­ti­cal­ly. As an inter­ac­tive map, it is divid­ed into 3 depth lay­ers which include pre­cise and up-to-date coor­di­nates of var­i­ous locales used and men­tioned by char­ac­ters through­out the sto­ry line.

View the map:

This map was built using the incred­i­ble Leaflet javascript library by Volodymyr Aga­fonkin, and a cus­tom dither­ing and map slic­ing app, as well as a “Frenz Mak­er”, a char­ac­ter gen­er­a­tor. Both apps were made with Pro­cess­ing.

Frenz Mak­er, cus­tom frenz pix­el art­works, and map imple­men­ta­tion by Damien Sujkows­ki.