'Could Be Actual Science'

Fic­tion­al white papers, future sci­ence, not-yet-applic­a­ble the­o­ries… This is when fic­tion gets clos­er to science.

Future Horizons

From now to then, or from plau­si­ble to utopi­an, dif­fer­ent time scales suit dif­fer­ent ways to imag­ine the future

The Culture, A World-City

A fic­tion­al city and set­ting to the 'Nor­mal Future.' Also used as a sand­box for var­i­ous projects and collaborations.

The Price of Appreciation

Inves­tiga­tive style fic­tion look­ing at the evo­lu­tion of Likes into an full-blown economy

Agnostic Futurism

Prefer­able futures to some can become harsh real­i­ties to oth­ers. So we pur­sue nuance and invite criticism.

2033's Best Substitute Realities

A visu­al cat­a­logue of spec­u­la­tive enter­tain­ment appli­ca­tions for head-worn dis­play own­ers. Fea­tured in HOLO magazine‘s first issue.

N 1 2 3

A set of 3 pub­li­ca­tions revis­it­ing the work of N O R M A L S dur­ing the years 2012 — 2013, all nar­ra­tive­ly bound by a graph­ic novel

N 0 0 2

Sec­ond issue of the N O R M A L S pub­li­ca­tion series.

N 0 0 1

First issue of the N O R M A L S pub­li­ca­tion series.

N 0 0 3

Third issue of the N O R M A L S pub­li­ca­tion series.

Worldbuilding & Mythbuilding

When imag­in­ing the man­u­fac­tured envi­ron­ment of a world, one has to imag­ine its inter­play with cul­ture and myths.